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It's Tax Season - Get Ready with SFE's Virtual Education

Tax Refunds: Exceptions, Posting & Liabilities | March 19, 2024 | 9:00 - 10:30 AM CT

It's that time of year again, tax season, a time in which many financial institutions are hit with a flood of government payments. At the same time, the industry has also witnessed an increase in scams during this season. According to recent ACH volume data released by Nacha, in 2023, financial institutions processed 1.37 billion government payments, many of which were tax refund payments. Couple the growing volume of these payments with the potential for increased fraud, and financial institutions can find themselves in a very challenging situation -- but not if they understand the latest trends, the updated rules and requirements, and the proper processing procedures for tax refund payments.

SFE's Tax Refunds: Exceptions, Posting & Liabilities, taking place on March 19, will provide financial institutions with all the latest when it comes to tax refunds. The training will cover updates on rules and regulations surrounding the posting and handling of tax refunds and exceptions, RDFI warranties and liabilities, and an overview of current tax fraud scams, and the ways to combat and respond to them. The training is your organization's surefire way to get ahead and stay ahead this tax season. 

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